Community Empowerment Network of Upton/Druid Heights

An U.S. Department of Education Promise Neighborhood

How You Can Participate?

“It Takes A Village and Technology” - Easy access to information and resources is one of the biggest challenges that PH neighborhood face today. The PH Community Network is designed to bridge that gap.

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PH will Provide Easy Access to Information Resources for all PH Stakeholders. This powerful platform will allow PH stakeholders to be informed, communicate, connect and participate.

Empowering Action!

Building a Relationship with the Community is very Important - PH is committed to communicating and connecting with community stakeholders on a regular basis, via the Web Platforms: blog, surveys, suggestion forms, Newsletters, eMails and text messaging.

PH has integrated technology into their overall process, structure, operations and strategy for community development. Allowing PH to Collect Honest Data for an Effective Community Decision Making Process.

Businesses in the PH area will be empowered to participate and benefit. This provides new opportunities for PH stakeholders to develop stronger relationships with the Baltimore Business Community .

Promise Heights Programs Coordinator / Clinical Instructor

University of Maryland School of Social Work

525 West Redwood Street

Baltimore, Maryland  21201